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Reiki for Dummies 2nd edition 2022


Through Reiki you connect with the universal source of healing.

Discover How To:

~Understand Reiki hand positions & symbols

~Find a qualified practitioner

~Combine Reiki with other therapies

~Speed the healing process

~Incorporate Reiki into daily life

~Become a Reiki healer

Reader Reviews from First Edition:

From Amazon.com Reviewer: Kim Spensley
"Excellent Reiki book:
I have read quite a number of Reiki books and this one is hands down the best all-around Reiki book that I have come across. It answered every single question that I have on Reiki. What I liked about it the most was the lack of "my way" in this book. Several ways of achieving the same goal are offered here so you are free to find your own style or method. So much information is packed into this book. Yes, the 4 symbols are included here and also several non-traditional symbols, including Karuna. You will not get attuned with this book, a Reiki Master Teacher must do that, but this book will be extremely helpful before and after being attuned to Reiki energy.

From Amazon reviewer Lucy:
"This book is fabulous and a terrific resource for Reiki classes or for those who are interested
in learning about Reiki. It is clearly written and is easy to understand. It is filled with
information...I recommend it without reservation..."

From Amazon Reviewer C. Truelove:
"A great source of enlightenment and information!
Whether you have taken Reiki classes, received Reiki, or want to understand what Reiki
is...this is the book for you. Clear and exact information for the well versed and the novice. I
suggest this book for anyone with any desire to understand Reiki from the Root to the

From C.A. in the UK:
"Just to let you know that I left your book with Mum last night as she's recently had knee
replacement surgery and has had some rough nights lately - I have been telling her for ages to
do Reiki but your book seemed to do the trick
. She phoned this morning to tell me she'd done it on herself last night and 'had a fantastic nights sleep'. So thanks"

From Reiki Master and Teacher K.L.:
"Hope you get a lot of people to buy it! I always talk about it in my classes."

From Reiki Master and Teacher L.A.:
"I have purchased and read your book cover to cover.....magnificant!!"

From Reiki Master and Teacher T.S.:
"I LOVE your Reiki for Dummies book. It is so informative and well researched. I have recommended it to all my students and I am thinking of using it
as a teaching manual in ART classes, if students don't already have it. The book is like an
encyclopedia of reiki information in all areas. But where encyclopedias are just information,
your book feels like Reiki energy; wise, loving, reverent and full of Goodness. I love the humor tucked in too."

TABLE OF CONTENTS- 1st edition

Introduction 1

Part I Discovering Reiki 9

Chapter 1 Reiki: The art of channeling
life-force energy 11

Chapter 2 Navigating your body's subtle energy
systems 27

Chapter 3 Exploring Reiki's roots and branches 39

Chapter 4 Looking at the Reiki principles 57

Part II Experiencing Reiki for yourself 67

Chapter 5 Getting the Reiki treatment 69

Chapter 6 Letting your entire family experience
Reiki 81

Part III Becoming well-versed in Reiki 95

Chapter 7 Seeking Reiki training and classes 97

Chapter 8 Discovering the Reiki symbols 111

Chapter 9 Getting ready to channel Reiki energy 127

Chapter 10 Healing others with Reiki positions
and techniques 141

Chapter 11 Applying Reiki to yourself 167

Chapter 12 Reiki rocks! Using crystals with Reiki 183

Part IV Sharing Reiki with others 195

Chapter 14 Putting together a Reiki healing session 197

Chapter 15 Experiencing Reiki in a group 211

Chapter 16 Sending Reiki where needed 221

Chapter 17 Combining Reiki with other health practices 233

Chapter 18 Becoming a professional Reiki healer 249

Part V The part of tens 259

Chapter 18 Ten uses for Reiki in everyday
situations 261

Chapter 19 Ten uses for Reiki as a tool for
personal growth 269

Chapter 20 Ten common myths about Reiki 277

Chapter 21 Ten non-traditional Reiki symbols 285

Appendix Great Reiki resources 297

Glossary 307

Index 315